Message from Priolo Gargallo

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Fairplay4eu Priolo Gargallo Our 3rd short term learning activity in Priolo Gargallo was certainly an eventful week. We had been concerned about the weather because as our chosen theme was ‘Sport and Nature’ we were definitely in need of Sicilian sunshine. However we were lucky and our first day, after the preliminary meetings and greetings […]

Welcome to Italy

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Teachers, pupils and families in Priolo are really looking forward to our next meeting. Here are some photos of us preparing for the event. Everyone in school is taking part. Most classes are being creative and painting your national flags to greet you. We are also doing plenty of tambourine tennis so we show you […]

Start website

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Logo-competition: During the mobility in Lithuania a project logo was chosen. The logo will be digitalized and used from schoolyear 2017-2018. Congratulations to the designer!     Update: Link to the exchange in Oberhausen, Germany: