France 28/01-03/02

In 2018, from January the 28th to February the 3rd, the Erasmus + project “fairplay4eu” had its fourth stage in France. During a whole week, pupils from every part of Europe melt and shared around the theme of tolerance, in sport of course, but also in society. Tolerance, respect, open-mindedness… These words are the cornerstones of a peaceful world. The young participants of the project experienced this reality either by activities (including sport) or visits. From the poor suburbs of Vaulx-en-Velin to the top of the mountains, walking through the streets of the big city of Lyon, they faced the diversity of the living environments. Practicing sports in mixed teams and discovering the “boules lyonnaises” with local sportsmen, they became aware of gender, ages or level differences. Going to the Cathedral, the Cinema’s birthplace or the Confluences museum, they faced the wide range of cultures and included themselves in the long story of Humanity. Their own work on the topic of “sport and tolerance” showed how their reflections were relevant and already matured. It was a great meeting and hopefully a founding moment for all these training citizens who will be called to build the future of Europe and world.