Germany 26/11-2/12 2016

Sport and Free time – a visit to Oberhausen

Our first LTT (Learning/ Teaching/ Training Activity) took place in Oberhausen. 23 girls and

boys from the partner schools came to experience an interesting and varied week with their

German hosts. By accommodating the guest pupils in host families the overall experience

could be intensified, the additional time with "parents and siblings on time" as well as the

experience of everyday life led to completely new impressions. For all participants this was

an interesting, in some cases new, but definitely worthwhile experience.

A city tour through Oberhausen, moderated by the German pupils for the guests, a visit to

the current exhibition "Miracles of Nature" in the Gasometer (a famous landmark of

Oberhausen reminding of its industrial past), as well as an excursion to the Borussia Park,

the football stadium of Borussia Mönchengladbach, with guided tours were cultural highlights

of the program.

In addition to presenting their own school and home region, the project work at school

focused on the evaluation of a questionnaire on the subject of "sport and free time" (which

had been carried out in all schools) as well as on the creation of posters on the current

program and its evaluation. Of course, there was also a lot of sport: the students completed a

soccer parcours, demonstrated their skills in a mixed tournament and with handball learned a

different type of ball sports and deepened their game. Referring to the title of the project “Fair

Play 4 EU”, the results were of secondary importance in this respect because the focus was

on learning, experiencing and playing together.

Not only when doing sport, but also during the whole week communication took place in

English, which posed a challenge for the pupils. But they met and mastered it actively and

thus became additionally motivated to continue working on their English skills.

After successful 6 days, the guests said goodbye to their hosts, full of many new impressions

and experiences, memories and new tasks, the implementation of which will now all be

tackled to carry the project forward.