Italy 8/10-14/10 2017

Fairplay4eu Priolo Gargallo

Our 3rd short term learning activity in Priolo Gargallo was certainly an eventful week. We had been concerned about the weather because as our chosen theme was ‘Sport and Nature’ we were definitely in need of Sicilian sunshine. However we were lucky and our first day, after the preliminary meetings and greetings from Head teacher, staff and local authorities, we were outside playing football and basketball.
Tamburelli was played indoors because the walls of the gymnasium were necessary for training and warm-up exercises. Tamburelli proved most amusing for all participants and it is obviously a niche sport, mostly played in Italy. The origins of the game are indeed quite old, it was apparently played during medieval times. They used tambourines to hit a ball off the castle walls.

The week continued with many other outdoor activities connected to our basic theme ‘Sport and Nature’ but also respecting the most important aims of our project : fairplay, tolerance, respect and communication through sport. The pupils were organised into international groups and the teachers coordinated activities throughout the week.

On Tuesday morning in Ortygia, the island and historical centre of Syracuse we organised an interesting urban orienteering activity followed by a relaxing lunch by the waterfront.

Wednesday was spent at school playing games and doing sport and in the afternoon the Erasmus + group visited a natural reserve’ Le Saline’ near the industrial area..just to prove that nature is always a driving force even in an industrial landscape. We also celebrated someone’s birthday..
whose was it I wonder?

On Thursday we had the highlight of the week the trip to Etna and Taormina. Pupils and teachers trekked round extinct craters and went underground to explore grottoes.

Friday was our final day together! The morning was spent doing our feedback activities and presenting our powerpoints on Sport and Nature.
The afternoon and evening events were organised in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus programme. The school organised a performance by a local group of musicians and flag-throwers. A ceremony presenting the pupils and teachers with their certificates was then held in the auditorium and a buffet supper organised by parents followed. We had an ‘ Erasmus’ photograph taken together in our European group. To conclude our evening the families were invited to view the pupils’ posters and the short films produced by Arjan ..our Dutch P.E. teacher and photographer!

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