Lithuania 7/5-13/5 2017

Sport and Fair play – 2nd meeting in Lithuania

The May month was special for Gelvonai gymnasium because from 8th to 12th 25 students and 8 teachers from
Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands visited our school. The programme of the meeting was wide,
diverse and rich of intense activities both in the sport field and beyond.
On Monday our guests visited Shirvintos, there they had a short trip around the city, visited some famous
places. Later the group was met by the assistant of mayor Janina Greiciunaite and the deputy director of
administration Elona Peciukaitiene at the municipality. After that the whole group of the project participants
came to our gymnasium. Here students were welcomed by the headmistress of gymnasium Ona Valancien4, the
played a greeting game introducing themselves and their friends. After that the PPT presentations “This is me”
and “Sports in Lithuania” were shown. Students wached video „What is Fair Play?“ and discussed the video and
expressed their opinion and ideas about fair play. In the evening students went to see Kernave, the old capital of
On Tuesday students and teachers had a trip to Kaunas. They visited Zalgiris arena and had a short tour around.
After that they visited Lithuanian Sport Museum where they watched films “Rio2016” and “Lithuania circus”,
also they learned more about Lithuanian sport from early times up to nowadays. On the exhibition stands they
could see the collections of diplomas, medals, photgraphs of famous Lithuanian athletes and teams, the award
of Fair Play that was given to museum by European Olympic Committee. In the afternoon all group went to
Vilnius and visited the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania, had a discussion about fair play with the
headmistress of Olympic education Vita Balsyte and were greeted by the president of Olympic Committee
Daina Gudzineviciute. On the way home we visited the geographical centre of Europe.
Wednesday was dedicated to sport. In the morning students did the warming up activities for sports. They
learned more about basketball and did activities that let them improve the skills of basketball techniques. In the
afternoon students learned to play Lithuanian dodgeball (kvadratas).
The 4 th day was also very busy and active. In the morning all the guests attended our lessons – Italians were at
History lesson, Germans – at Physics, Dutch – Technology and French students went to Maths. Later we
showed our presentations “Fair play heroes in my country” and had a meeting with one of the Lithuanian Fair
play hero – former PE teacher Leonas Vaicekauskas, who is awarded the trophy of Fair Play. In the afternoon
all groupr went to Shirvintos and had a football training course with the football coach Vytautas Skirmantas.
They did football techniques in groups and play football in the international team against the young football
players from Sport school.
The last day was also very important because finally we chose the logo of the project. 15 best logos were
presented and students and teachers voted for the best. The winning logo is from Lithuania, created by Kamile
Lukseviciute. After that all students in mixed groups worked on the given theme “My days in Lithuania”, they
wrote their memories, drew pictures and presented to others. Before lunch students had their last sport activities,
they played dodgeball. The day was finished in Trakai, the former capital of Lithuania, visiting the castle and
spending time at Trasalis Trakai Resort&Spa.
On Saturday all our guests successfully reached their homes, bringing with them best memories about our small