Collège Pierre Valdo – Vaulx-en-Velin – France





Vaulx en Velin is near by Lyon. It has 40 000 inhabitants. The name of the region is “Rhône-Alpes”. About 21 % of the people who live

in Vaulx en Velin are unemployed. This number increased to about 35 % for young people. Almost 63% of our pupils are from

underprivileged social classes. The same amount lives in disadvantaged urban areas. 25% of the children reach the 6th grade at least

one year after the normal age. The school has been recently classified REP + by the government : it means that it belongs to the

schools which face the most important difficulties in the country.

In the school are many children, whose parents are emigrants from Africa and Asia. Many of them have moved from regions of North

Africa – Algeria, Tunis, Morocco. The children are French, because they were born in France, but part of them still feel need to prove

their right to be European citizens. Because of the unemployment of their parents, the children often do not have the opportunity to

satisfy their need of knowledge and communication with friends. Because of the lack of money they do not have an opportunity to

travel abroad, and they have not enough information about the world around them and maybe because of this they have lost their

motivation for learning. However, our school has an uncredibiliy rich cultural diversity.

Moreover, our school has a specific program for children with writen and oral speech impediments. Today, it concerns 13 kids.

By participating in this project we want to fill the empty spaces in the social life of our pupils, to ensure the opportunity for an equal

start in the competition with all the difficulties, which are ahead of them.

Our previous work on a European project strongly contributed to increase the confidence of our pupils and expanded their horizon.

We want to maintain this dynamic in our school and offer to a new generation of pupils this opportunity.


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