SintLucas – Eindhoven, Holland

SintLucas prepares for pre-vocational (12-16 years old) and vocational (16-20 years old) education in the creative industry. In total we

have 3200 students at two locations. In school, the pre-vocational department has a separate building and it hosts 400 pupils and

they are supervised by a team of 40 members (teaching and supporting staff). We like to challenge and support our pupils to achieve

personal excellence. For a period of 8 weeks, students work on creative and general subjects. During the school week they also have

so-called “GO -Hours” during which they work on a project. After a period of time, we have a project week where outcomes are

presented, especially to the students’ families. Parts of the curriculum is within an international context. Since 2010, there have been

international assignments from different angles. Our strength lies in the fact that we specialise in the creative subjects art, 3d, design

and media. Besides internationalisation in the curriculum, we also have internationalisation lessons on voluntary basis. Mainly

eTwinning projects are run then. We have a large local and regional function because there are only few creative pre-vocational

(VMBO) programs. We also offer the opportunity to move on to vocational level (MBO) that exists within SintLucas. At school there is

an internationalisation committee consisting of the headmaster, the education consultant, two certified internationalization

coordinators and an English teacher. Since April 2014 following the good experiences at our department, our vocational department

has opened the gates to Europe and beyond. Internationalisation is part of the schools’ strategic policy.


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