Gelvonai Gymnasium – Sirvintos District- Lithuania

Our school is in a small town of Gelvonai, Sirvintos district. It is a rural secondary school with 142 students aged from 5 to 19 years

old, and also we have classes for adult students, they are 71. Mostly of our students are from surrounding villages and arrive to

school by two school buses. As we are in a rural region, there isn’t any industry, so most of our students’ families have small farms


that help them to provide the necessary food products. A lot of parents do not have a state job, they earn little money and cannot

afford to give their children good further education. So the school is the only place where students can be safe, get hot meals, have a

good possibility of education and also a good opportunity to spend their free time more interesting and efficiently. Our teachers try

to do their best for them. We try to make studies more creative and attractive, motivate students by using a great variety of useful

methods and techniques during the lessons. We also have students with special needs, teachers try to involve them in various

activities and sometimes work individually with them. Our teachers are creative, helpful and active. They can share their experience

with others and are open for useful pedagogical news.

The school was founded in 1781, so it has a long history that changed the school and its structure according to the period of history.

Despite this fact, our school is modern and well equipped with modern teaching tools. Students like doing sports, especially play

basketball, and they can develop their physical skills in a gym, stadium or modern playground. We have students that are good at

playing basketball, football, athletics. They take part in sport competitions not only in the district but also in regional or country

competitions. Our school is a health promoting school that offers a most opportune setting from which to develop children and

young people health-related competences and lifestyle.

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